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fade into red

Monday, May 23, 2005

8:26PM - hello

I was wondering if i needed to fill out an application or anything. But i'll give you the basics of me so you know who is posting. my name is jessic C. i live in the united states, and i am emo goth. though a lot of my friends say i'm romantigoth. I am a great writter of poetry and short stories of the darkness. I also design cloathing for rennasaunce fairs. I'm only 14 but everyone says i act older than i am. I'm single and female. My favorite band is H.I.M. and my favorite movie is the nightmare before christmas. If you want to know more about me you can visit my site if you wish. here's a pic of me if your interested in what i look like:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

thanx for reading, jessica C.
life is a white rose dieing in a vase, but death is a black rose which is imortal!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

9:20PM - hehe

today has been fine. as have the past days since i have written. I get to spend a night with my angel, and my love. who I love more than anything in the world. I love her and miss her insain amounts. and i cannot wait to spend the day with her. More like the night with her. Maybe we will spend the night curlled up in bed cuddling, or something to that effect. I truely miss cuddling with her. I have not got to see her in a while. She seems to be doing ok I think. She is currently cleaning the house.
I have a feeling we might just sit on the couch and watch TV all night. I am sure that will be a large part of the night. If it is then I am sure that it will make me crazy. But I wil endure it. Because if i do not I will feel her wrath of this is waht I like to do. I do not like to just lay in bed all day. Yet she use to say she likes to just lay in bed and cuddle all day. And when I try that she gets mad. But I will be able to do it this time. Because I am sleepy and I will more than likely just fall asleep.
Therefore i will be fine. At least I will get to spend time with my angel who I love and miss insain amounts. And I will get to see her for a while, before I must do things else where. And before I have to leave here for a while.
In the rest of my world. (RP land we will call it) I am doing well. I am a king currently of my ROLEPLAY LAND. And I am doing well at that. And I have reached God statas I guess you could say. It is really a nice RP I would think. That is the RP land that I live. OR that is what we will call it for now. I am currently watching ht ekitten attack a target bag and play with pandora. It is very cute to watch. I miss the mages. She is an odd one. She is indeed a cuddle whore sometimes. He he. but other times she is a terror to the world. But I love the little monster all the same. With her cute little kitten nose that is sooo adorble.
I am off to a night of TV now. YAY!!! *claps hands sarcasticly and bounces up and down*

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

11:45PM - Looking

I am currently looking for members. So if you want to join, please do.

Friday, May 21, 2004

3:39PM - welcome all and have fun.

welcome all. do as you will and have fun doing it. Remeber the rules and I am sure that it will all be fine